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Lazarus Man

Stereo Stories, May 2024

Creative nonfiction about Terry Callier's song "Lazarus Man," published in Stereo Stories, May 2024.


But now I was almost nine years at the plant, and that novel was in a box in the closet, kept company by two others I’d gone on to write. The plant had become quicksand. I’d begun to understand how it could be easier to let it pull me under rather than waste energy thrashing about to try and escape. Just the same, I was trying.

Infinite Flow / Gathering

Does It Have Pockets, December 2023

***Gathering nominated for Best Microfiction 2024.***

Prose poem & microfiction, published in Does It Have Pockets, December 2023.


Autumn gave Summer a dance, the two of them spinning breezy through the leaves.


There is no shelter here.

Diedrick Dodge

Story, Issue 11, Summer 2021

Short story, published in Story, September 2021.

***Story Foundation Prize Finalist.***


Miles finds himself one morning in a car dealership conference room presided over by a stocky, severe-eyed, sharp-dressed sales trainer who pours a voice of molten contempt over him and his fellow applicants as they quiver like terrified schoolkids. Among the first lessons Miles learns is that customs outside the plant are simply different.

Novel Slices Issue One.jpg
A Travelogue for the Wasteland (excerpt)

Novel Slices, Issue One

Excerpt of unpublished novel, published in Novel Slices, November 2020

**Winner in Novel Slices' 2020 Novel Excerpt Contest.**

***Nominated for a Pushcart Prize.***

As the day wore on, the mood spiraled sickeningly from expectancy to desperation, and it would eventually give way to devastation, but before it got to that point they took their praise and worship outside. They sang in what increasingly sounded like despondency and anguish, they stretched their arms to the sky, some of them leapt in place as if trying to spring-load themselves or get a head start. As early evening loomed, the crowd began to thin. Every now and then, from the distance, a car engine would interrupt and people would suddenly pray louder as if to drown it out.

Stories That Need to Be Told.jpg

Stories That Need to Be Told, 2018

Short story, published in Stories That Need to Be Told, 2018.

**Honorable Mention for Tulip Tree Publishing's 2018 Stories That Need to Be Told Contest.**

His audience at the boat launch went quiet. They tried to see through the car’s dirty windows and gauge Schwartz’s mood, see if they could predict at least the next five minutes of future. Only Yeager expected Schwartz to even put his toes in the water. The others were sure there would be some kind of rule-breach hoopla, Schwartz would drop some new twist in their laps and they’d fight him on it and he’d accuse them of trying to change the rules and then storm off. They’d discussed the possibilities, waiting for his arrival. "He’s already got an excuse,” Perkins said. “Watch.”


Chautauqua, 2018: Wild & Tame

Short story, published in Chautauqua, July 2018

**Winner of the 2018 Chautauqua Editors Prize.**

Violence kept finding him. He was drawn somehow to it, or it was drawn to him. The weapons he carried. The jobs he undertook with the knowledge that he might have to use violence to fight violence, and therefore violence would look for him.

Notes from Lazarus

The Bellingham Review, Issue 72

Short story, published in The Bellingham Review, 2016.

**Winner of the 2015 Tobias Wolff Award for Fiction.**

***Nominated for a Pushcart Prize.***

Brooks ordered us another round. He reached back and took an envelope out of his jacket. Nicotine-yellow fingers opened the flap with reverence, carefully pulled out two photographs: attractive middle-aged woman, long black hair tinged with silver, graceful lines around a sensuous smile, bright green eyes. I'd never met her. Brooks seemed poised to say something, but then he shook his head, and we just looked at the photos together. Then he made a sound with his throat. "Once you care deeply for someone, it never stops," he said. "Never."


Full List



Lost Time Incidents

  • Finalist for Willow Springs Books' Spokane Prize for Short Fiction, January 2024

  • Finalist for the University of New Orleans Publishing Lab Prize, October 2022

Security (short story)

A Travelogue for the Wasteland

  • Finalist for the University of New Orleans Publishing Lab Prize, November 2021

  • Prologue longlisted for the First Pages Prize, May 2021

  • Excerpt nominated for a Pushcart Prize by Novel Slices, December 2020

  • Excerpt, winner in Novel Slices' Novel Excerpt Contest, October 2020

  • Finalist for the Longleaf Press Novel Contest, April 2016


Diedrick Dodge


Real-Life Experiences

Yeager's Bump Cap

  • Longlisted for Sunspot's Culmination Contest, January 2021

The Mad Scientist's Husband

  • Finalist for Sunspot Literary Journal's Inception Contest for Best Opening (the first 250 words), November 2019

Security (short story collection)

The Stolen Father

  • Semi-Finalist for the Petrichor Reprint Award, November 2018


Notes from Lazarus

Six to Twelve

The End-of-the-World Weekend

  • Finalist for Oregon State University's Provost's Literary Prize, April 2005
  • Honorable Mention in the Masters Literary Awards, December 1996

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Canon

  • Winner of Oregon State University's Schwartz Essay Contest, May 2004

Trail Maintenance

  • Finalist for Oregon State University's Provost's Literary Prize, March 2004

The Couch 

  • Honorable Mention in Lines in the Sand's Short Fiction Contest, December 1993

These Words 

  • 1st Place in Juvenile Fiction in the Madison Area Writers' Association Contest, 1991

Cliff Climbers

  • 1st Place in Script in the Madison Area Writers' Association Contest, 1991

The View from This End 

  • 1st Place in Short Story in the Madison Area Writers' Association Contest, 1990


Lazarus Man by Terry Callier

  • Stereo Stories, May 2024

Infinite Flow / Gathering

  • Does It Have Pockets, December 2023

Diedrick Dodge

  • Story, September 2021


An Accurate Record

  • The Westchester Review, June  2021

A Travelogue for the Wasteland (excerpt)

  • Novel Slices, November 2020

The Mad Scientist's Husband (excerpt)

  • Sunspot Literary Journal, December 2019 (Vol. 1, No. 5)


  • Stories That Need to Be Told 2018, November 2018


  • The Tishman Review, July 2018


  • Chautauqua, July 2018

Joe New Hire's First Night

  • South 85 Journal, December 2017

Six to Twelve

  • december, November 2016


Notes from Lazarus

  • The Bellingham Review, April 2016

When We Was Fab by George Harrison

  • Stereo Stories, July 2015

Just One Thing by Randy Adams

  • Stereo Stories, March 2015

Three Foggy Mornings and One Rainy Day

  • Santa Fe Literary Review, August 2014


  • The Newer York, September 2012

The Weight

  • Midway Journal, November 2008


Security (short story)

  •  Barrelhouse, August 2008

The Stolen Father 

When Students Write from Sources

  • Teaching with Writing, April 2007

If You Will Dance with Me

  • Prism, May 2004

Kant Will Have to Understand

  • Prism, January 2004


  • Fugue, August 2001

The Alligator at Crane Point

  • The Advocate, June 1996

The Couch

  • Lines in the Sand, January 1994

The Act

  • Fiction Forum, February 1993

We Don't Have Much Time

  • For Poets Only, June 1990

How I Wish You Were Here

  • The Blade, April 1989

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